Fargo CIty Commission breaks records/meeting laws again

Confident co-conspirators - Fargo City Commission in Moszer killing cover-up conspiracy that ND AG Wayne Stenehjam will never have staff issue an opinion favorable to individual/entity who actually reports and dedicated their web site to Emile Zola. 

newsgroup; Mark/"Stitch"<>Aug 7 (5 days ago)
to Erik, commission,
To: City of Fargo, Mr. Erik R. Johnson, Mr. Mayor, Commissioners and other parties 7 August 2017
From: Mark Nelson
Subject: Records request (ND open records)  regarding the Police Office of Internal Affairs Report (SGT Crane and et al) into the conduct of Officer David Boelke
Good Morning
I request the above report in full and complete and in no case any more closed or redacted than for instance the report regarding Officer Lieutenant Lyle Skuza as disclosed and on the internet by the Star Tribune: